• BA in English – Creative Writing from Texas Tech University
  • MA in Teaching – Secondary ELA from Relay GSE
  • Received the Robert S. Newton Award at TTU for fiction writing
  • Poem “What It Takes to Move On, Part II” published in Texas’s Best Emerging Poets
  • Took home the gold medal in the Dictionary Relay in our junior high Olympics


I view my life in chapters: 

  1. The Painful Years wherein our heroine grows up in a semi-small Texas town
  2. The Prodigal Years wherein our heroine bounces from college to college and town to town and state to state in search of happiness (plot twist: this isn’t how she finds it)
  3. The Professional Years wherein our heroine works various jobs in various roles in search of happiness (second plot twist: this is still not where she finds it)
  4. The Peaceful Years wherein our heroine lives in Washington state and writes books and learns to do yard work and exercise 

I’m tentatively calling the next chapter The Published Years, but I’m still waiting to see how that story goes. Click the button below if you’d like to contact me about publishing some of my work and help me write the next chapter of my life.



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